How it Works

“It’s like a hotel booking system,
but for people and their services”

- Us

Search & Discover Providers

Search for a service you need, or browse by category or location to discover the myriad of skills our Erni members have to share.

Find the perfect match for the job.

View Erni service provider profiles to see detailed rates, availability, reviews and images.

Book & Pay

Select an available day and time, then book it instantly. Erni collects and transfers payments securely in the tap of a button, so you can book and pay with confidence.

Review & Be Reviewed

Share with others your experience, and gain trust from other Erni members.

Why become
a provider?

Gone are the days of negotiating prices, waiting on quotes and organising meeting times. Erni’s unique booking process means no more waiting around. What are the perks?

1. Be your own boss

Erni gives you the freedom to write your own schedule, promote your own skills and set your own rates. Make the change from working toward someone else’s goal, to paving your own.

2. Get noticed

A platform solely designed to shine the spotlight on you and the skills you have to share, then make booking them easy.

3. Secure Payments

Never chase a payment. Never chase a refund. Erni utilises global payments gateway Stripe to ensure every transaction is fast, fair and fuss-free for our service providers.

4. Cheaper Insurance

With carefully selected insurance partners, Erni makes being insured less of a hurdle and more of a drawcard.

5. Booking manager

No negotiating schedules. No risk of double bookings. Simply set your available days and hours, then let the instant bookings roll in.

6. Other Perks

With features covering bookings through to bookkeeping, enioy a streamlined, secure and uncomplicated way to earn… and dedicated support when you need it.

Have skills to share?

Earn some extra cash, even at times where you first thought impossible

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